Tuneo Events beta 2 adds support for Facebook Groups and invitations via Email

Last time we announced new features were coming.. Tuneo Events beta 2 is now here! With new features to make your events organization easier!

You gave us some great feedbacks. Thanks all for supporting us! We take into account your needs in order to improve Tuneo Events and add the best features.



Here are the new features of Tuneo Events beta 2:

  • Invite a Facebook Group: you want to invite your friends who belong to a specific Facebook group? You have a Facebook group for family, teammates or coworkers? It takes a too-long time to invite your friends one by one? Don’t worry, invite them at once with the “Invite a Facebook Group” feature!
  • Invite friends via Email: some of your friends are not on Facebook? Don’t panic! Just invite them to your event by adding their emails! They will be able to respond without a Facebook account.

Facebook started migrating old Facebook Groups to the new group format. Good news, you will be able to schedule events with Tuneo Events inside ALL your Facebook Groups!

Tuneo Events allows you to easily find the date and time of your event that is convenient for all your friends with votes.

Go to Tuneo Events beta 2 now!

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