Tuneo Events

Tuneo Events on FacebookWhat’s Tuneo Events?

Tuneo Events is a Facebook application that allows you to easily plan events with friends. Find the most convenient date and location for all your friends with votes.

How does it work?

1. Select multiple dates and locations for your event and send an invitation to your friends
2. Collect their votes
3. Choose the final date and location and inform them

Why we think Tuneo Events will be an impact on the Facebook community?

When you want to organize a meet-up with friends on Facebook, it is often not easy to pick the best date and location for all your friends.
Have you noticed how much time does it take?

You usually have to contact them through multiple Facebook messages, emails or phone calls. It’s easy to get lost.

With Tuneo Events:
– Save time by sending one invitation rather than multiple messages, emails or phone calls
– Make collective decisions more smoothly with votes
– See your friends’ availabilities and opinions at a glance

Tuneo Events is the easiest way to plan events with friends on Facebook.

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    Great info! I have been trying to find something such as this for some time now. With thanks!

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