Tuneo Events Beta 3 adds new features and Tuneo Events Planning Service is now available via API!

We hope you all had great holidays and a chance to enjoy the sun. Here, it was a gray summer. But it doesn’t matter as we have been working hard to offer you a rich new version of Tuneo Events!





We are pleased to announce many improvements to help you organize events with your friends:

  •  A comment may now be added to each date to provide more info and let your friends know why you choose/propose a date.
  • Up to 10 dates and 10 locations per event may now be suggested to poll your friends.
  • Comments friends make on an event are now included in the notifications emails.
  • Facebook notifications are now sent in addition to emails for comments and votes guests make.
  • Tuneo Events is now available in French in addition to English.
  • Tuneo Events can now be used inside Facebook (http://apps.facebook.com/tuneo-events) or outside Facebook (http://tuneo.com/events).

Regular or brand new Tuneo Events user? Try the new version now!
As usual, please let us know what you think and suggest new features.

Last but not least, we have been working hard also to improve our API.

Tuneo is the first planning service for Social Commerce. Tuneo is working on innovative Social Commerce tools for guides, reviews, reservation and ticketing websites. More about this soon in a new blog post.

Want to integrate our API or eager to know more? Shoot us an email.

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Tuneo Events adds a new feature: Poll your friends to pick the best location for your event

It’s often difficult to find the best location for an event.
Where are we playing Poker next week-end? At my house? At John’s flat?
Which restaurant are we going to for Mike’s birthday? Indian or japanese restaurant?

How many times has this happened to you? Thousand of times for sure! Continue reading

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New “Maybe” vote option in Tuneo Events

You received an event invitation but you don’t know yet your availability?  Don’t worry, tell it to your friends by using the new “Maybe” vote option.

Many users asked this option and now it is clearly a required feature for you. We also removed the “Submit” button to confirm votes and always keep in mind this motto: “the less clicks the better!” Continue reading

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How to organize poker games with friends on Facebook

Did you know that you could easily organize your poker games with Facebook groups rather than email, messages or phone calls?

Using Facebook groups to organize poker games with your friends is a good way to save time Continue reading

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Tuneo Events beta 2 adds support for Facebook Groups and invitations via Email

Last time we announced new features were coming.. Tuneo Events beta 2 is now here! With new features to make your events organization easier!

You gave us some great feedbacks. Thanks all for supporting us! We take into account your needs in order to improve Tuneo Events and add the best features. Continue reading

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Tuneo Events is now used in more countries throughout the world

Tuneo EventsTuneo Events is now used in 20 more countries and helps people worldwide to organize events: France, United States, Spain, Australia, Mexico, Italy, Argentina, Malaysia, Colombia, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru and Germany!

This reflects our ambition to provide the best application to schedule events on Facebook. Continue reading

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Good news! Tuneo Events is coming on Facebook!

Tuneo EventsWe are pleased to announce the release of Tuneo Events beta for Facebook! It’s time to schedule events with your Facebook friends.

Currently, Tuneo Events helps you to pick the most convenient date and time for all your friends with votes. We are working hard to improve the product. Soon, we’ll add more features but we need your help and your feedback :)

Want to know why Tuneo Events is so easy to use? Check it out!

Follow this link and get started! http://www.facebook.com/tuneo.events

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